Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Perfect Summer Scents!

Although I tend to stick to one signature scent year round, during the summer months I find myself gravitating to much fruitier and warmer scents. Be adventurous, and play up how you are feeling that day (or night!) with different scents. These are my current favorites I’ve been reaching for this summer season:

Summer Days

1. Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush in Plumdrop - I normally dislike berry smelling perfumes but for some reason I am drawn to this scent. The smell lingers on your body and smells great even after your day is over.
2. DKNY Be Delicious – This is such a classic fresh scent. It gives off a slight green apple smell that is so invigorating and clean, it will smell like you just stepped out of the shower.
3. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Summer Fragrance – One of my all-time favorites. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing this scent is. The main notes are grapefruit, black currant, and lily of the valley. It is citrusy, florally, fruity, and fresh smelling all packed into one bottle. Phenomenal! *Note that I list its original counterpart in my evening favorites!

Summer Nights

1. Issey Miyake’s L'Eau d'Issey – I can’t say enough about this fragrance. Once you put it on, you automatically feel sexy. The notes  listed for it are: Lotus, Freesia, Cyclamen, Rose Water, Fresh Peonies, Carnation, White Lilies, Precious Woods, Osmanthus, Tuberose, Amberseed, Musk. It has the most unique scent I have ever smelled and I always get questions about it and compliments when I wear it. Perfect for a date night!
2. Mark Jacobs’ Lola – Honestly this was not one of my favorites from the start. I picked it up solely on how pretty the bottle was. C’mon, we are all allowed to be a little shallow sometimes! I disliked it because it is more of a musky smell, and I tend to stray away from musky perfumes as they are typically not my thing. However, a few months after purchasing it, I decided that I might as well use it because that pretty bottle cost me a pretty penny. “Waste not, want not” right? Well, it definitely grew on me as I almost always spritz it on now when I’m going out with my girlfriends. It is a strong smell and a little goes a long way, but it does always make me feel girly and feminine when wearing it.
3. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell – The one and only, the original. This perfume is probably one of my top three scents of all time. My bottle is almost all gone because I use it so much! If you are ever in Victoria’s Secret and are overwhelmed by which fragrance to choose, definitely pick this one up!

Which fragrances have you been using this summer?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How to Properly Blow-Dry Your Hair!

**This is taken directly from an article I read this morning on Stylist.com. When I read it, I felt the need to share it here since I too am ashamed that I commit some of these mistakes... Here's to happy and healthy blow-drying thanks to Grace Gold post on Eva Scrivo's Beauty Secrets!

Most of us go about blow-drying our hair with the same excitement we reserve for teeth cleanings and tax filings.

But aching wrists and frizz frustration don't have to be your drying destiny. Chances are, you're likely just making one or more of the most common blow-drying mistakes.

That's what New York-based beauty expert Eva Scrivo reveals in her new book, Eva Scrivo On Beauty. Just as handy with a makeup brush as she is with a pair of stylist shears or a head of highlights, Scrivo has counted names like Martha Stewart among the clients who trek to her downtown Bond Street salon.

With all of that A-list appeal, we were surprised to find that Scrivo's advice is of the chill out variety. The expert says issues typically arise when women try too hard. (Now that's some advice that goes well beyond the hairdressing, ladies.)

Are you committing one of these most common mistakes?

1. Not Sectioning Hair First. Flipping your head over and blow-drying until you get dizzy, feel light-headed -- or both -- isn't going to help your cause. Keep a claw clip or duckbill clips near your blow dryer, so that you can easily section hair into the bare minimum of three horizontal sections as you dry.
2. Standing Up As You Blow-Dry. "One of the best pieces of blow-drying advice I can give is to have a seat. You will not believe the difference this makes," says Scrivo. When you're comfortably seated, you can fully harness that upper-body strength without getting tired. Plus, it always helps to steal those precious rejuvenative moments for yourself, wherever you can during the day.

3. Holding The Brush In The Wrong Hand. Many women lift the hairdryer with their dominant hand, while working the brush with the weaker one. You'll get better results by instead holding the brush with your stronger hand, as you'll need the improved dexterity to get the job done in less time. "Even many professional hairdressers learn this incorrectly," says Scrivo. Well, now you can style with even more finesse than them.

4. Overtwisting The Brush. When you brush that first stroke into a section of hair, you don't want to go it more than a quarter turn, which is just enough to give it some smoothing tension without risking snarl. After you pull the brush away from the scalp to the midpoint of strand length, then you can safely start twisting the brush to create shape and curl while under the pointed jet stream of your blow dryer. This is where the magic happens!

5. Pulling The Hair Downward At The Crown. The natural inclination is to pull your brush downward, but that will only give you flat results. That just won't do if you want a roaring mane of silky smoothness. Instead, pull your hair up towards the ceiling, imagining a horseshoe shape coming out of your crown. (Stick with us here.) Hair in the horseshoe should always be blasted in an upwards direction, while hair falling below the horseshoe can be styled downwards for smoothness.

6. Holding The Dryer Too Close. It's totally counterintuitive; holding the mouth of the blow dryer right on top of hair doesn't dry it faster, but only leaves tell-tale damage and pouf in its wake. Always dry with a plastic nozzle in place to regulate and direct heat, and keep it at least an inch away from strands. We had to try it to believe it, but it really does speed things along faster by providing a more even dry -- kinda of similar to a rotating dish in a microwave.

7. Holding The Dryer In The Wrong Position. Your goal: keep that nozzle parallel to each section of hair you hit. Otherwise, the heat will irritate and rough up the cuticle, leaving you with flyaways, damage and smoking strands. And by that, we don't mean sexy.
8. Keeping The Dryer Motionless. Some shake, rattle 'n roll is good for your hips, and apparently, your hair too. Keeping that dryer moving ensures that hair will dry at the same rate all over, and it will actually prevent your shoulder and wrist from hurting from the strain of staying in one spot. "To a stylist, this is second nature, and we do it almost subconsciously," says Scrivo.

9. Going Too Fast. "Women often blow-dry..as if they're in some kind of panic. This is not a race against time. Slow down the process, be more methodical and careful," says Scrivo. In fact, if you race through the process, you'll likely find that you need need to keep going back and re-doing sections anyway, wasting more time in the long run. If your hair dries rapidly (lucky you) before you get a chance to style the section, simply keep a spray bottle of water nearby for a refreshing spritz.

10. Not Drying The Hair Completely. This is for the frizz afflicted out there; if the pouf starts growing almost immediately after you've finished blow-drying, it means you didn't dry it 100 percent. Sometimes hair looks done, but is cold to the touch -- which is the dead giveaway that water is still hiding out in there. "Your hair should be room temperature after blow-drying," advises Scrivo.

Eva Scrivo on Beauty

Saturday, April 16, 2011

What to buy?

I have two gift cards to Forever21 for a total of $60 to spend! There are so many options! Can you send me your top picks to help me out? Include the link in your comment to the article of clothing or accessory. =)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Update: Beauty Regimen!

A few posts back, I wrote about using Pro-Activ products on my face for my daily morning and night-time cleansing routine. However, I noticed my skin and complexion becoming worse with each use. I broke out completely every time and now have decided to stop using it all together. I have heard dozens of success stories but I guess it really isn't for everyone. I called the company, and they said that many people are sensitive to the ingredients in the regular products and should use their new products for sensitive skin. I didn't want to risk it so I passed.

I wanted to update you on what HAS been working for me for the last couple of months. I've barely had any breakouts and with the exception of a few (hormonal) blemishes that have been few and far between! Again, this is just what works for me, and I am aware that all skin types are different.

I have been using the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Blemish cleanser in the morning and The Neutrgena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub in the shower (it leaves my skin feeling really refreshed since it has a cooling effect). At night before bed, to remove my makeup and soothe and relax my skin, I usw Pond's Wet Evening Soothe Cleansing Towlettes (although the smell is not as pleasing as the name sounds):

These next few are some other products that I would recommend to anyone. I have been using them for a very long time and are a routine part of my beauty regimen:
1. I know Neutrogena Oil-free Eye Makeup remover is well known, but it is hands down the best makeup remover product out there. It even gets rid of the most pesky waterproof mascaras. I tried the generic drugstore brand but quickly cam back to the original.
2. I spray my face with La Roche-Posay's Thermal Spring Water after taking off my makeup. It really perks me up. I also use it to set my makeup which is the best known secret I can tell anyone about making sure your makeup stays put for long periods of time. Just a quick spray after putting on foundation, concealer eyeshadow, and blush and your set. Just make sure to spray before putting on your mascara, or else it will make a mess!
3. I used to have really dark under eye circles before using PreVentin-AT's Dark Circles undereye cream. I have seen a significant difference since I began using it over a year ago.
4. Lastly, I use L'Oreal's Youth Code as a moisturizer on my face after cleansing it and before putting any makeup on it. I love that it makes my skin soft without turning it oily.

So there you have it. Let me know if you use any of these and if they work for you!


Kim Kardashian celebrity inspired outfit for less!

This chic look comes together so effortlessly but yet still makes a strong statement. The chain links on her top puts a new twist on the basic white tank. Also, the Christian Louboutin "Deva" strappy fringed heels add some glamour and fun to an overall casual look.

Check out this look for less:


Celebrity inspired fashion for less!

We all covet celebrity fashion, however, it is hard sometimes to look like a celebrity when you're on a tight budget. I will be putting together celebrity inspired outfits for less! Think about it...with all the money you'll be saving, you can actually put towards these ridiculously high gas prices to fill your tank to then get to the mall to buy your budget friendly new outfit. Woot, Woot!

Check back daily for new inspirations that won't break the bank.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Viva Glam Gaga 2!

MAC is hosting yet another charity lipstick with Lady Gaga, except this time it's a nude shade! NUDE! I am so excited about this since I was too timid to purchase the previous hot pink shade (not that I didn't covet it!). Check out the promo pics. Set to launch here in the US of A on February 17th. Note the Lipglass that is also coming out! Ahh it is love...

Will you be picking up these two lovelies?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Soleil Tan De Chanel = To Die For Bronzer!

Before I figured out how to use Chanel's bronzing makeup base: Soleil Tan De Chanel (formerly Bronze Universel De Chanel), it just sat in my makeup drawer collecting dust. Click here for link to bronzer. I didn't know how to apply it, and was using a sponge applicator. I didn't like the fact that when I put it on with the sponge, I never was able to get an even application. My skin always looked blotchy from the bronzer looking cakey in areas. Ugh!
Thank goodness I eventually learned how to apply it correctly...with a face brush!! What a difference! If your experiencing the same dilemma, try it this way. Just swirl your fluffy face brush (I use Chanel's Le Pinceau Poudre-#6 Powder Brush) in the mousse like consistency. Click here for a link to the brush. Then start from the outside of your face, and work inwards. Lightly brush all over face for an amazing glow! That's it! You can wear it just by itself for a more dewy fresh look, or try setting it with your favorite powdered bronzer. My current favorite I am using is Chanel's Irreelle Soleil Silky Bronzing Powder in #22 Sierra. I'm pretty sure they don't make this color anymore, but here is a link to the one's Chanel is currently carrying: Chanel Silky Bronzing Powder

Even though at a pricey $48.00, this bronzer is worth the splurge! I have had mine for almost a year and only now have I started to make a dent in it. It has become one of my staple items. It lasts all day and I never have to retouch it! After a long night of partying with friends, it did not budge, smear, or melt off. It stayed on like a true champ! Definately check this product out and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

I celebrated my 26th birthday a few days ago (26! I know, frightening!)

One of my dear friends gave me a Sephora giftcard worth $30 for my birthday! I am so excited to go and pick up something nice! Any suggestions on what I should purchase?
My wonderful friend Tiffany bought me a C.O. Bigelow Mentha Exfoliating Body Soap. It smells so good! It's infused with peppermint oil and has crushed walnut shells for a deep down exfoliation. I cannot wait to get into the shower with this. Last year, she bought me something similar from Bliss and I used it until the very last bit was gone, so I am super excited to try this one out!
And of course my amazing boyfriend bought me a few things I loved too! One of them being this beautiful key pendent necklace! Isn't it gorgeous? I've been wearing a lot of gold lately, and so he noticed I needed something in silver. Love him!

Happy birthday to anyone who has a March birthday!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Michael Kors Gold Watch = Wanting!

I have been eyeing this watch for over a year! It's absolutely gorgeous!! The original one I saw didn't have the diamonds around the face and was just as beautiful, but of course diamonds make everything better! Isn't it dreamy? I love how it is large and bulky like a man's watch yet still girly. It's completely classy and sophisticated. I am in love. My birthday is coming up in March, maybe it will be a birthday present to myself. Check it out here!