Saturday, April 3, 2010

Soleil Tan De Chanel = To Die For Bronzer!

Before I figured out how to use Chanel's bronzing makeup base: Soleil Tan De Chanel (formerly Bronze Universel De Chanel), it just sat in my makeup drawer collecting dust. Click here for link to bronzer. I didn't know how to apply it, and was using a sponge applicator. I didn't like the fact that when I put it on with the sponge, I never was able to get an even application. My skin always looked blotchy from the bronzer looking cakey in areas. Ugh!
Thank goodness I eventually learned how to apply it correctly...with a face brush!! What a difference! If your experiencing the same dilemma, try it this way. Just swirl your fluffy face brush (I use Chanel's Le Pinceau Poudre-#6 Powder Brush) in the mousse like consistency. Click here for a link to the brush. Then start from the outside of your face, and work inwards. Lightly brush all over face for an amazing glow! That's it! You can wear it just by itself for a more dewy fresh look, or try setting it with your favorite powdered bronzer. My current favorite I am using is Chanel's Irreelle Soleil Silky Bronzing Powder in #22 Sierra. I'm pretty sure they don't make this color anymore, but here is a link to the one's Chanel is currently carrying: Chanel Silky Bronzing Powder

Even though at a pricey $48.00, this bronzer is worth the splurge! I have had mine for almost a year and only now have I started to make a dent in it. It has become one of my staple items. It lasts all day and I never have to retouch it! After a long night of partying with friends, it did not budge, smear, or melt off. It stayed on like a true champ! Definately check this product out and let me know what you think!