Friday, October 23, 2009

L'Oreal's New Mascara...Goodbye Fake Eyelashes!

I've tried many mascaras in my lifetime and when I say many, what I really mean is a ba-jillion! It's actually kind of gross how many of them I've owned. However, there hasn't been anything out there that has really amazed me until I met L'Oreal's Double Extend Beauty Tubes. We have been the best of friends ever since that momentous day at the drugstore! Seriously though, I have tried brands from high end department stores, to Sephora's line, to Bobbi Brown's line, and to countless other ridiculously expensive mascara's and I still always end up loving the one I got at the drugstore much better.

My eyelashes are so straight that you could seriously hurt somebody with them. Not only are they super short, but they have absolutely no curve to I need all the help I can get!

L'Oreal's Double Extend Beauty Tubes in Blackest Black does the work of fake eyelashes without the messy glue and tedious work. This product actually does what it says. Go figure.

All you need is one coat of the primer and two coats of the mascara, and miraculously, your lashes have doubled in size right before your eyes! No pun intended!

And although it may seem like it, you don't even need a hardcore makeup remover at the end of the day to take it all off. All you need is water! Just moisten your lashes under the shower head or in the sink and the lash caps that have formed over your eyelashes just easily slide off. I'm not kidding, no rubbing required!

For those of you with obnoxiously short eyelashes like mine, definately try this out. Trust me, you'll end up throwing all the other mascaras you own out, and fall  madly in love with Double Extend Beauty Tubes. It's AMAZING!!

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