Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lush = Disappointment!

Warning: Long rant ahead. Read at your own risk!

I am not going to lie, I am not a big fan of "organic" soaps. I just never liked the smell of them or their greasy consistency. However, after hearing about Lush and its awesomeness (if that's even a word) from about every single Blogger and Makeup Guru out there, I figured that I would fall in love like the rest of you guys. I mean the Lush brand itself promises clean, vegetarian, no-testing-on-animals, great smelling products for both bath and body, so how could one not be intrigued. I was on a mission to indulge in these products myself, so I found the closest store (about 50 minutes from where I live) and dragged along the sweet boyfriend. I say sweet because 1. I talked his ear off about how great these products were going to be, 2. we got lost along the way and actually ended up taking about an hour and a half to get to the store, and 3. because well he's a boy and most boys don't care about anything cosmetics related. But nonetheless, he accompanied me anyway and we drove up with visions of Honey I Washed the Kids, Rockstar, and Sultan of Soap dancing in my head.

Now, let me say this before I continue. I understand that my opinion is my opinion and that about 90% of you love Lush, so understand that I am in no way criticizing anyone when I say the following: What are you people seeing that I'm not seeing?! No in all seriousness, did I miss something?

Unfortunately, to my great dissapointment, I did not like one single thing in that store. I feel so unbelievably disillusioned with Lush that I don't even know where to begin. I was expecting wonderful smells when I walked in to it. Nothing. That's what I smelled. Not kidding. Nothing. Also, all of the smells were so hemp and incense like, that I felt sort of light headed when I left. Not even the Honey I Washed the Kids bar smelled good to me. In fact, it didn't smell like anything it promoted. Rockstar? What a joke! I've heard that it's smell is other worldy and also like nothing else you've ever smelled. Really? It smelled just like bubble gum to me which is not anything I want to smell like when I get out of the shower since pink bubble gum flavor/smell makes me want to gag. The bath bombs, well the only good thing about them was that they were a nice big size. Again, their smells were nothing amazing and some of them smelled like old perfume.

The sea salt scrub, which I was so excited about smelled horrible and felt like sandpaper of a gradient 3 on my skin. The only bar of soap that I didn't mind the smell of was Sultan of Soap. But it had so many full size nuts and raisins in it that my boyfriend made a good point of how it would most definitely clog the shower drain. His favorite was porridge. I thought it smelled like dirt.

And finally, the biggest disappoinment of all were the prices! Even though I practically hated everything, I still was going to cave in and buy Honey I Washed the Kids, because aside from its smell, the honeycomb pattern on the side looked like it would be a good exfoliator and even though I was skeptical, I still thought that it would smell better maybe when I used it in the shower. So I walk over to the register (where the friendly cashier was) with a bar the size of a 3x3 square (much smaller than any store bought soap) and it weighed in at a mind boggling $14.92!! WHAT?! Any last hope that I would buy anything from Lush was left there in the dust at the register. That is beyond ridiculous. Who ever pays fifteen dollars for a tiny bar of soap is just letting money go down the drain (no pun intended).  

Ugh! I'm sorry to be such a downer, but I was just so completely dissapointed. I really, REALLY, wanted to love Lush like all of you guys but I just did not get it.
Are there any other companies out there that also create handmade soaps that I should try out. Let me know what your experiences are with Lush soaps and products!


  1. would love for you to give our stuff a try! let me know! :)

  2. Hey! It seems you have some great things on your site. I would most definately love to try some of your products and review them! Thanks again! :)

  3. i've never tried lush. there is such a great hype for them. i'm afraid that i'll be disappointed too. :(

  4. @ jen

    Yeah, because of all the hype, I decided to jump on the bandwagon too, until I realized that the products are no where near as great as everyone makes them seem. I'm sad that I didn't love anything but I am sure there are other companies out there to try out. Let me know if you do try anything and what your thoughts were about the place and its soaps and products. XOXO!! Thanks for following lovey!

  5. I understand where you're coming from because Lush can be hit or miss. I hated Sea Vegetable soap and Whoosh shower jelly was just about okay. But, I DO love Flying Fox shower gel; its a beautiful jasmine scent. You might also want to try face products like Dark Angels Scrub and Grease Lightning. I really love those for my acne prone skin. I hope you can lay hands on samples so you can try before you buy. :)

  6. @ Ashwini
    I didn't know that I could try samples before buying anything!!! I will definately try to make another trip to Lush and take a look at Flying Fox, Dark Angels and Grease Lightning! Thank you so much for the suggestions!! =)

  7. I've always have problems with the hair range that lush do - the conditions in particular seem to leave my hair oh so very greasy yet the toners and the hand creams I could never fault. But I think it can be like any brand - there's some good and there's some bad it's just a bit of a lucky dip to find out which bit is which!

    Great blog you have btw!

  8. thanks pinkflower! it's definately like any other brand, there is some good and some bad and of course not everyone likes the same brand. xoxo!

  9. I love how honest you are, and not afraid to go against the crowd with your dilike of Lush products. A lot of people probably feel the same as you, but just go along liking it and posting about it because everyone else does.
    I like Lush, not love it as much as some other people, but my fave product by them is the Karma Kream (lotion) it smells amazing and is honestly the best cream I have ever used! But it's expensive .. like you said, their prices are a bit outrageous.

  10. thanks kimber doll! what you said really makes me feel better about not jumping on the bandwagon with everyone else! =)I'm glad you like Karma Kream. I honestly didn't even see it in the store. If I walk back in there, I will definitely check it out!! xoxo thanks for reading!!

  11. I've seen a bath bomb in the store and my friends were like, oh these are amazing, and then we left the store empty handed. I wasn't that impressed either and the price was definitely the biggest deterrent for me. I'm sure you could find something way better for way cheaper.

    I appreciate honesty, so thanks for being honest about your opinion!