Friday, February 5, 2010

Dear Perfect Concealer, Why are you so hard to find?

Concealers and I have a love/hate relationship. I try to do most of the loving but they always end up doing most of the hating!

I don't know about you, but I can not stand when a concealer is sticky and gooey. I just feel like it sits on my skin attracting any lint particle to it and then eventually melting away. Often I find that 85% of concealers out there, are too watered down, so I don't get the coverage I need for my dark undereye circles and my monstrous hormonal pimples that decide to pop up whenever I am stressed. It's hard to find a concealer I love.

I used to swear by Laura Mercier's Secret Concealeruntil of course it was discontinued. This was by far the best concealer I have ever owned and used on my face. Never sticky, not watered down, long lasting. Basically perfect!
Then it took me years to find another great one: Revlon's Age Defying Concealer (light). The consistency and coverage of this concealer was almost identical to the one by Laura Mercier, so you can just imagine my excitement! Of course that one also was discontinued. I swear I think cosmetic companies love to do this: you know, when you find your holy grail cosmetic and then the company decides they are going to take it away from you!
Now after another year or two, I have found Maybelline's Super Stay 24hr Concealer (light). It's what I have been using for almost six months. It's wonderful! It covers like no other concealer I know, even more so than the previous two. It is not sticky at all and in fact, dries completely to blend into your skin. It's coverage is seriously amazing. They only downside is that dries quickly so you have to work even more quickly to spread it on. This so far is my new HG concealer. If they decide to discontinue it, I think I will pull my hair out.
What concealers do you use and love?


  1. Bobbi Brown concealers and correctors are amazing and creamy. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage is great but can be a pain to mix the two shades.

  2. I've tried Bobbi Brown concealers and definately do love them! However, I use concealer like it's my job lol so I go through it super quickly so I can't afford to use Bobbi Brown all the time (only on special occasions haha). And yes I completely agree with the Secret Camoflage! It is a major PITA to mix the two shades. Thank hun! XOXO!