Sunday, February 28, 2010

Michael Kors Gold Watch = Wanting!

I have been eyeing this watch for over a year! It's absolutely gorgeous!! The original one I saw didn't have the diamonds around the face and was just as beautiful, but of course diamonds make everything better! Isn't it dreamy? I love how it is large and bulky like a man's watch yet still girly. It's completely classy and sophisticated. I am in love. My birthday is coming up in March, maybe it will be a birthday present to myself. Check it out here!


  1. I have this watch, my boyfriend got it for me for christmas, i love it! xx

  2. Omg do you really?! i would love it if you posted some pics of you wearing it so I could see how big it is on the wrist! i think it's gorgeous! your so lucky your bf picked out something so nice!!


  3. So flyyyy. I want it too! lol

  4. @ Mz. More, if someone had told me that one day i would be wanting a gold watch, i would laugh because i've always thought of gold watches as being tacky. but the first time i saw something similar to this on a girl at the mall, i literally followed her all the way around the store to get a good look at it. lol it sounds kind of creepy now, but it was gorgeous! and i wanted it! lol